Special Rhino Announcement! New Rhinos at the Zoo

Our three new rhinos! Photo from White Oak.

Since October, our hoofed stock team at the Houston Zoo have been working on crate training our very popular three white rhinos Sibindi, Lynne, and Annie Kamariah. Why would we train them to walk into a crate though? Well, we wanted to make sure that they were well prepared and comfortable for their upcoming road trip to Florida. All species of rhinos are rapidly becoming critically endangered. It is very important that these three rhinos, originally from South Africa, have the most opportunities to increase the world’s population of rhinos. In the sunshine state, there is a facility named White Oak. White Oak is very well known for their breeding success of several endangered animals, including white rhinos.  We are very pleased to announce that Sibindi, Lynne and Annie Kamariah are now three representatives of the Houston Zoo and are a part of the breeding program at White Oak.

Our rhino barn at the Houston Zoo was fairly quiet during those days when our team was transporting our rhinos. However, that did not last long since our team brought back three little treasures from White Oak. These little treasures are three young male white rhinos. Their names are George, Mumbles, and Indy. They range from 2-3 years old and weigh 1600-2000 pounds. They are adjusting well to their new home and are already friends with their caretakers. You can expect to see them on exhibit when they complete the zoo’s standard quarantine period. Until then though, don’t forget to visit the rhino exhibit to say hello to our herd of Greater kudu antelope.

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