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Saving Wildlife Seawall Murals

The Galveston Seawall has had a makeover! Local artist GONZO247 painted five murals to highlight the area’s wildlife and the threats and conservation work around them. Each mural focuses on actions that beach-goers can take to save wildlife. The murals are located on the seawall between 61st St and 73rd St.

The Murals

006_Sea Wall Mural Fishing
This mural features a pelican, an animal chosen by the community! It focuses on how we can protect ocean animals and shore birds by recycling our fishing line. If you are fishing along the coast, look for the containers like the one in the mural to place your used fishing line in.


003_Sea Wall Mural Balloons
This mural features sea turtles and focuses on how we can protect them by holding onto our balloons. When balloons float into the sky, they eventually come back down, often times they fall into the oceans, where sea turtles can mistake them for jelly fish and eat them. You can help protect sea turtles by holding onto your balloons and making sure they are securely tied.


004_Sea Wall Mural Nets
Sharks are important to the oceans and this mural focuses on how you can protect sharks. When you go to a restaurant or grocery store, ask if the seafood you are buying was caught in a way that keeps other animals, like sharks, from being caught in the nets.


002_Sea Wall Mural Plastics
This mural focuses on how you can protect animals both in the ocean and on the shore by using reusable shopping bags and water bottles. When plastic items end up in the ocean or on the beach, animals like shorebirds and dolphins can mistake them for food. On your next trip to the beach help save animals by bringing your picnic and water in reusable containers.


005_Sea Wall Mural Nets
This mural features rays, another animal that can be caught in fishing nets. You can protect rays by purchasing seafood that has been caught in ways that does not also catch rays. Download the Seafood Watch App for a list of ocean-friendly seafood.

 Seawall Murals in the News

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Mural Creation Process

The murals are now complete! See a few photos of work in progress below.

The first of the murals to be painted, the crowd sourced pelican, is located between 61st and 63rd street.
balloon mural
Located between 63rd Street and Central City Blvd, this mural focuses on the threat that balloons pose to ocean animals, like sea turtles. By holding on tight to your balloons and not releasing them you are saving sea turtles.
The third mural, located between Central City Blvd. and 69th Street, focuses on ways you can help protect ocean animals like sharks.
dolphin mural
Located near 69th Street, this mural highlights the threat that plastic pollution has on both ocean animals and shore birds.
The final mural can be found between 69th Street and 73rd Street.
The final mural can be found between 69th Street and 73rd Street.

Meet the Artist

Beach Bash 2016-0031-0178


Texas-based artist, Mario Enrique Figueroa, Jr. aka GONZO247 was exposed to graffiti and began his pursuit as a self-taught aerosol artist in 1985. Some of his accomplishments include: Founder of Graffiti and Street Art Organization, Aerosol Warfare; producing Aerosol Warfare, a graffiti video series; Mural “Houston Is…” with The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, selected Houston Press Best Public Art Project and won a Silver Addy Award, also named Houston Press Best Art Curator in a Non-Museum Setting Award 2012. For more information visit


 Take Action to Save Marine Wildlife

  • Use a reusable bag whenever you shop. this bag saved a sea turtleThe reusable bags seen here can be purchased at the Houston Zoo Gift Shop, with proceeds going towards sea turtle saving efforts!
  • Eat only ocean-friendly seafood. Download the Seafood Watch App to help you choose ocean-friendly seafood on your next grocery shopping trip or dinner out.
  • Call 1-866-TURTLE-5 if you see a sea turtle on the beach, or if you see sea turtle tracks on the beach that run from the water to the dunes – if the turtle has finished nesting, there will be another set of tracks running back to the water. SeaTurtleSticker_outline
  • Pick up your very own copy of the Houston Zoo’s comic-book-cover-106x128“Saving Wildlife: Sea Turtle Edition” comic book in the Zoo’s Naturally Wild Swap Shop. The comic book celebrates the achievements of our local community in saving sea turtles by telling the story of a family visiting Galveston who happen to find an injured sea turtle that needs help.
  • Learn more about sea turtles and educate your family and friends.
  • Visit the Zoo; a portion of the revenue on every ticket sold is dedicated towards helping save animals in the wild. Bring a friend, and learn about the ocean.

Special Thanks to Our Partners

Beach Bash 2016-0001-1116

American Bird Conservancy
Artist Boat
Audubon Houston
Audubon Texas
City of Galveston
Clean Galveston
Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Galveston Baykeeper
Galveston Bay Area Master Naturalist
Galveston Bay Foundation
Galveston County Parks and Cultural Services
Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau
Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council
Galveston Island State Park
Galveston Island Tree Conservancy
Galveston Island Park Board
Gulf of Mexico Foundation
Moody Gardens
The National Hotel Artist Lofts
Scenic Galveston
Sea Scout Base Galveston
Surfrider Foundation – Galveston Chapter
Texas A&M Galveston
Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Texas Nature Conservancy
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Turtle Island Restoration Network


A Special Thanks to the artists helping with the install of the murals:

Jojo Villareal
Joseph Villarreal is a visual artist who has been rocking the streets of Houston for the past decade. Born and raised in Houston’s historic East End, JoJo’s mixed media art captures the grit of street culture. His work has been featured in many local Houston galleries, most notably at Aerosol Warfare. JoJo’s work can also been seen throughout the great state of Texas in Dallas, San Antonio & Austin all the way to El Paso. He is also a valuable team member at Aerosol Warfare and uses his talent to help Artist, GONZO247 frequently with art projects.

Gabriel Prusmack 
At just twenty-eight years old, Gabriel Prusmack has been painting with aerosol cans on found objects for the past fifteen years. His work is influenced by graffiti and receives inspiration from his late grandmother, two brothers, and past art educators – who have consistently encouraged and pushed him to remain artistic and passionate about his work. Gabriel is a resident of Galveston, TX, and has traveled in his work throughout Texas, as well as California. He credits his strong connection with his religion as a source of artistic strength.

Questions about the seawall murals?

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