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Unique Ways for Saving Wildlife

The Houston Zoo saves animals in the wild by partnering with likeminded programs and organizations.  We recognize that protecting our natural world is a collective task and we look for every opportunity to strengthen our impact.  We support long-term solutions that promote harmony between animals and people.

We partner with organizations that work to strengthen progress in the conservation world as a whole:


Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL)

An initiative that brings together 20 new, emerging leaders in the wildlife conservation field for capacity-building and intense training in campaign development and skills.

How the Zoo is helping EWCL:
  • Held EWCL courses at the Houston Zoo in 2013.
  • Provide funding and expertise for EWCL program.
How you can help:

If you are interested in strengthening your conservation understanding consider applying for this course.  EWCL requires applicants to have at least 3 years’ experience in the wildlife conservation field, with at least 15 years in the profession ahead of them.  More information on how to apply is here.


Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration (HWCC)

An initiative that provides training to transform conflict in wildlife conservation efforts to create harmonious and sustainable solutions for people and wildlife. HWCC’s conflict transformation approach has led to reductions in poaching and wildlife trafficking.

How the Zoo is helping HWCC:
  • Staff assists HWCC with planning as a member of the steering committee.
  • Staff assists HWCC with graphic design.
  • Provide funding for our conservation partners to participate in HWCC trainings.
How you can help:
  • A donation of $7 can help save an elephant from being poached. Donate donate-button.
  • Friend HWCC on Facebook to stay informed and share their success!
  • If you or anyone you know is interested in taking a Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) capacity building workshop visit HWCC’s website to sign up.

Molly Feltner photo Mtn Gorilla Project


Artists for Conservation (AFC)

A non-profit organization comprised of highly respected and talented wildlife artists from all over the world.  They are committed to strengthening conservation through their art. They engage general public through artistic expression and impress upon them the importance and relevance of preserving nature.

How the Zoo is helping AFC:
  • We provided funding for an expedition to update New York’s American Museum of Natural History Gorilla diorama.  The museums diorama artist traveled to the site in the Congo the diorama depicts and painted the state of the landscape today.
  • We have staff on the advisory board.