East Texas Black Bear

Black bears (Ursus americanus) are a part of the heritage of Texas. They were widely distributed throughout Texas prior to 1820, but due to colonization and habitat loss, bears vanished from all but a small portion of the Big Thicket. Today, they are returning to their historic range, but a plan must be formed to ensure public and political support to be sure they will continue to flourish. The Zoo has partnered with the East Texas Black Bear Task Force and the Black Bear Conservation Committee in the development of educational outreach and awareness programs related to Black Bears in the East Texas region.

These programs include:

  • Public education and outreach programs on bear awareness
  • Identifying and evaluating suitable black bear habitat in East Texas
  • Hunter education and safety programs
  • Promoting forested habitat and landscape protection in East Texas and prevention of further fragmentation

How You Can Help

  • Learn more about the history of black bears in Texas and get a resource guide for educators  Black Bear Resource Guide
  • Respect the environment of black bears and educate your community about them

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