Help Save the Malayan Tiger

The Houston Zoo loves our tigers and we will do whatever we can to save this beautiful cat in the wild!

Tigers once lived in a vast area that spanned from Turkey all the way to the islands of Indonesia. In the past century, tiger habitats have shrunk to just a few areas in Southeast Asia, India, and Russia. With fewer than 4000 tigers left in the wild, the tiger has become an endangered species.

The Malayan Tiger subspecies has less than 1000 individuals left in the wild in three centralized areas in the Malay Peninsula; Belum-Temenggor in the North, Taman Negara in the center, and Endau-Rompin in the South. Unfortunately due to poaching of tigers, the loss of tiger habitat, and the poaching of tiger prey, the tiger populations have significantly decreased in these areas.

The Houston Zoo is partnering with the Tiger Conservation Campaign run by the Minnesota Zoo to protect this amazing carnivore in the wild. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds and resources in support of the Malayan Tiger.

How You Can Help

  • Donate to the Houston Zoo’s conservation programs to support Malayan Tiger conservation and other critical projects in Malaysia. btn_donatenow2
  • Visit the Tiger Conservation Campaign to learn more about the conservation of Malayan Tigers and all the other sub-species of tigers. Also learn about what different events you can hold to support the Campaign.
  • View a Malayan tiger fact sheet 

In Malaysia, our campaign is supporting efforts to increase the effectiveness of anti-poaching patrols, and to strengthen anti-poaching laws. We’re also supporting research to monitor population trends, evaluate the effectiveness of conservation programs, and identify threats.


Malayan Tiger Quick Facts

  • Where they live: Peninsular Malaysia
  • How many remain: Probably fewer than 500
  • Major threats: Habitat loss, poaching of tigers and their prey
  • Projects we support: Anti-poaching efforts, tiger & prey research
Map of Malaysia
Map of Malaysia – the peninsular area is West Malaysia in yellow. Map source: Wikipedia
Malayan tigers, until recently considered “Indochinese” tigers, are native to the tropical forests of peninsular Malaysia. In this region’s protected areas, the tiger habitat that remains can likely support more tigers. But in order for Malayan tiger populations to grow, poaching of tigers and their prey must be kept at bay.

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