Rhino Conservation

The Houston Zoo loves its rhinos and wants to do everything we can to protect them in the wild.

The Houston Zoo supports rhino protection efforts in Africa through: 

  • The International Rhino Foundation – Works to protect rhinos in Africa and Asia by securing habitat, employing anti-poaching teams, conducting scientific research and working with local communities who live alongside rhino populations.
  • Lowveld Rhino Trust – This conservation program works in Zimbabwe to increase populations of both black and white rhinos in the area. Through rhino relocation efforts, medical assistance for wounded rhinos, community education and monitoring efforts, this program seeks to protect rhinos in the long-term.

How the Houston Zoo helps:

  • We provide vital financial support to rhino conservation programs which enable community members to conduct anti-poaching efforts and monitor critical rhino populations.
  • Our Graphics Department designed educational posters to be used by the Lowveld Rhino Trust to educate local community members in Zimbabwe about their amazing wildlife.
  • Our Hoof Stock Department raises awareness of the plight of rhinos at our annual Rhino SOS event, as well as collects wildlife-related school books to be sent to Zimbabwe for educational purposes.

Donate now to help rhinos in the wild:



How you can help

  • Be a hero, tell your friends and family about how the sale of animal products (like rhino horn) can impact wildlife, and make the decision to not buy products taken from endangered animals!
  • Visit the Zoo! Every time you visit the Houston Zoo, you help save animals in the wild.
  • Learn more about the wildlife protection projects we support and donate to help save rhinos in the wild.
  • Friend the Houston Zoo Facebook Page for updates on saving animals in the wild.

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