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Lion Conservation

Lions once roamed freely across most parts of Africa. Having already disappeared from northern Africa, they are now found only in parts of southern and eastern Africa and in the southern part of the Sahara desert. With only 23,000-40,000 lions remaining in the wild, the African lion population is only a fraction of what it was in the early 1950s. Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve is home to one of only five healthy lion populations left on the continent.

Niassa Lion Project’s strategy for helping lions in the wild is twofold: first, researchers track and vaccinate lions in order to help support population growth. Second, they work with locals through community outreach and education on how to safely live with lions.

How the Zoo is helping lions in the wild:

  • Staff travel to Mozambique to assist with a wildlife conservation event called “Lion Fun Days.”  The event is held in a local village. Visit the blog!
  • Visit Niassa Lion Project’s Amazon Wish List and donate needed items directly to the project to help lions in the wild.
  • We replicate “Lion Fun Day” here at the Houston Zoo to connect children here in Houston to children in remote villages living in critical lion habitat in Mozambique. 
  • Our staff Create, produce and sell Niassa Lion Project (NLP) t-shirts.
  • Provide funds for an environmental conservation and education center for the local villages in the Niassa Reserve.
  • We assist with Private Foundation and Corporate proposals to support lion conservation efforts in Mozambique.

Donate now to help lions in the wild:



How you can help lions in the wild:

Lion SSP Conservation Campaign

The Houston Zoo has partnered with the Denver Zoo to launch a special campaign on behalf of the AZA Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP). Our goal is to raise awareness among the zoo community about the threats lions face in the wild and offer a simple and impactful way to help.



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