Saving the Lemurs

The Houston Zoo loves our Madagascar lemurs, birds, fossa, reptiles, fish and amphibian species and is committed to doing everything we can to save them in wild.

The Houston Zoo supports lemur protection efforts in Madagascar:

Project (GERP). This project is run entirely by local Madagascar native staff. Priorities and goals include:

  • To expand the knowledge about lemurs through wild research
  • To address illegal export and poaching threats and ensure enforcement of local wildlife protection laws.
  • To encourage local students to pursue careers in conservation.
  • To empower local communities to conserve and protect their forests.
  • To work with local communities to improve the livelihoods of human populations living in or around protected primate habitat

How the Zoo is helping lemurs in the wild:

  • We provide financial, technical and marketing support
  • Houston Zoo staff is creating and designing a web page for GERP
  • We hold lemur focused events to educate guests and invite them to purchase items created by our lemurs to save the lemurs in the wild.

Donate now to help lemurs in the wild:



What can you do to help lemurs in the wild: 

  • Donate to help lemurs in the wild
  • Be a hero; Become an lemur-friendly shopper:
  • Become an informed shopper about furniture, musical instruments and other wood products.  Whenever possible, choose locally sourced wood and don’t buy anything that is made of imported wood.
  • Friend the Houston Zoo Wildlife Conservation Facebook Page for updates.
  • Every time you visit the Houston Zoo, you help save animals in the wild.

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