The Houston Zoo loves its elephants and wants to do everything we can to protect them in the wild.

The Houston Zoo supports elephant protection efforts in Africa through: 

  • Elephant Crisis Campaign: The Houston Zoo is proud to partner with organizations which employ anti-poaching units where wildlife is under threat from illegal activities. These organizations work with local villagers to gain their trust and respect in an ongoing process that can help to transform poachers into advocates for wildlife. Other support programs include working with local villagers to humanely protect their crops from elephants, as well as workshops for local staff that, in turn, can help develop resources for food and water security.
  • Niassa Beehive Fence Project:  Is run by the Niassa Lion Project, which aims to show communities humane and positive ways to stop human-wildlife conflict. When elephants go near crop land, they can devastate the fields and harm humans that come out to retaliate. Beehives are a natural concern to elephants, as the simple sound of a hive will send an elephant in the opposite direction! The beehive fences are easy to construct, humane, and even provide villagers with profit from the honey while keeping elephants out of the crops and away from human dangers.

How the Houston Zoo helps:

  • We host an elephant open house event every year for our Houston community to learn more about our herd of elephants at the zoo, as well as how elephants are doing in the wild.
  • We raise vital funds to enable communities in Africa and Asia to protect their remaining elephant populations.

Donate now to help elephants in the wild:



How you can help

  • Be a hero; say no to ivory products!
  • Be a hero; avoid destruction of elephant habitat by choosing food and beauty products containing palm oil that is certified as sustainable.
  • Visit the Zoo! Every time you visit the Houston Zoo, you help save animals in the wild.
  • Learn more about the wildlife protection projects we support and donate to help save elephants in the wild.

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