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Pongos Helping Pongos:

Art by Orangutans, for Orangutans

Pongos Helping Pongos has expanded to include several other species that call the southeast Asian rain forests home. You will not only find paintings by our talented orangutan artists but elephants, clouded leopard, siamangs and babirusa as well. And not to be left out, some very talented and generous Houston area artists have collaborated with our animals on several very unique, one-of-a-kind paintings that are well worth seeing. We will also have t-shirts, scarves, and purses for sale, all painted by Houston Zoo animals.

Fashion Items To Be Featured at PHP 2014

Photography by Jacs Fishburne

Animal Artists at the Zoo

Painting provides Zoo animals an outlet to express their intelligence, personalities, and abilities.

The keepers at the Houston Zoo work to enrich the lives of the animals in their care every day by adding interesting and complex activities to the animals’ daily routine. Enrichment activities are fun for both animals and keepers. We have found many of our animals enjoy painting with canvases, non-toxic paints and a little help from their keepers to create their very own masterpieces. Each painting is unique and each artist has his or her very different and unique techniques.


What is a Pongo?

“Pongo” is the scientific genus name for the orangutan. There are two species, named for the islands they are found: Bornean and Sumatran orangutans. It is only on these islands that orangutans are found in the world, and their habitat is under threat.

Bornean or Sumatran, “Pongo” means orangutan. Cheyenne is a featured artist.

Helping Pongos in the Wild

Pongos Helping Pongos supports the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project in Sabah, Malaysia and field conservation efforts at Indonesia’s Gunung Palung National Park. These areas represent some of the last remaining habitats for wild orangutans. The Kinabatangan Program includes assessment and monitoring of orangutan population health and genetic status, studies of orangutan ecological adaptation to degraded and fragmented habitat, development of policies for population management within and outside protected areas, and community engagement and education in the conservation of orangutans and habitat including environmental education programs for Malaysian school children.

Visit the Orangutan Species Survival Project website to find more information about how zoos are parntnering with researchers in the wild to help save orangutans.

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Some orangutans paint with brushes; others enjoy fingerpainting!


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