Painted Dog Conservation Employee, Xmas Mpofu continues to enjoy his time at the Houston Zoo

Xmas with Houston Zoo guests at the African wild dog exhibit

Xmas Mpofu asked me if I could post a few words about how his time is going at the Houston Zoo.

“During my stay at the Houston Zoo I have been working with the carnivore team for the first week and the second week with the clinic team.  It has been a good time working together and sharing some positive ideas about conservation.  All the Zoo staff I have worked with and those I have met during this stay have been very good to me.   I wish other Zoos would do the same to promote partnerships to conservation programs in developing countries.  I think this will ensure an everlasting and promising future for the next generation on this planet.  Thank you to everyone at the Houston Zoo!”

Xmas Mpofu, Painted Dog Conservation

Xmas and his coworker Dought Nkomo will be heading back to Zimababwe on the weekend, but you do have one more chance to meet and talk with them tonight (Wed. 23, 2011) at the Houston Zoo.  Their director Dr. Greg Rasmussen will be speaking this evening at 7:00pm, and all three will share their stories of saving the African wild dog.  Purchase tickets here for this exciting event!

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