"ok glass"…lets go to the zoo

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be selected to receive a pair of Google Glass through a contest called If I Had Glass. Now before we go any further, we’ll answer your question of “What the heck is Google Glass?” Below is a stunning video that Google created to promote this amazing piece of technology.

Now that you’re familiar, we’ll continue. In this contest, people had to message Google and tell them what they would do if they had Glass. Glass hopefuls submitted everything from pleading videos, to lengthy descriptions of why their entry was better than everyone else’s. We were excited that Google Glass might allow us to bring a first person video experience to our sea turtle releases, so that became our entry. We wishfully sent off our entry with a mouse click on one hand, and our fingers crossed on the other.

Days went by. Weeks passed. At last, Google began releasing the names of those selected to receive the Glass. And suddenly, we received this:

WE WERE PUMPED! It turns out that only 8,000 people were selected out of hundreds of thousands. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Google Glass and start creating content.

Fast forward a month or two, and there we were……standing on the Google campus (aka Googleplex), speaking with Jamie who was our extremely nice and friendly one-on-one instructor. Jamie let us pick which color Glass we wanted and then walked us through all the features of how to use it. We spent about an hour learning the system, shook hands with Jamie, and were on our way back to Texas.


And now, we’re back. We’re back with some pretty crazy ideas, and an incredible resolve to share first person videos of the Houston Zoo. Everyone always asks what it is like to be an animal keeper. With this technology, we won’t have to describe it to you, we can show you! Ride along with one of our carnivore keepers into the clouded leopard exhibit. See what it’s like to lead the sea lion show. Catch a cheetah at the end of the cheetah run. We’re going to do all of this and more!

Check back in with us. We’re working hard to get all these videos to you and we’ll keep you updated! Exciting things are coming, everyone! Stay tuned!

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