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HZTV-web2Treat yourself to a few of the hundreds of videos we’ve made featuring fantastic Houston Zoo animals, our animal babies, care our staff provides from feedings to vet visits, conservation with wild animals in the field, and interviews with keepers. Visit our YouTube Channel to find more or to subscribe!
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Latest & Greatest: Recent Videos

On October 30, 2013, six chimpanzees found a home at the Houston Zoo thanks to the combined efforts of Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE, the Houston Zoo, and Curtis and Bea Shepperson, the chimps’ owners.

Recently, we moved 3 rhinos from the Houston Zoo to the White Oak Conservancy in Florida with hopes of breeding babies. We brought back three young male rhinos who are just getting used to their new habitat.

We’re excited to announce that our whitespotted bamboo sharks have laid eggs! In this video, you’ll see a teeny, tiny shark swimming around in its egg case. We expect them to hatch in a few months!

Our baby flamingos take a break from flamingo school to explore the Zoo. We do this every day so that these little ones can get lots of exercise and time to socialize with the flock.

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Blasts from the Past: A Few Of Our Most Popular Videos

We get asked quite often how we handle our venomous snakes. Please do not attempt anything you see in this video.

The Houston Zoo cheetahs enjoy stretching their legs out while running at the Sam Houston Race Park.

The carnivore zookeepers installed a zip line in the lion exhibit to provide enrichment and a hunting experience for our lions.

Young orangutan Aurora is now living with her adopted orang mom Cheyenne and the other orangutans at the Houston Zoo. For most of the first year of her life she was hand-raised by a round-the-clock team of zookeepers and volunteers.

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