giant waxy monkey frog

Extreme Amphibians

Written by Tyler Parker Amphibians are an extreme and versatile group of animals. They come in three main body types yet they exhibit some extreme variation in size, shape, and function. Size: The largest frog or toad in the world is the Goliath frog (Conraua goliath) native to West Africa.  This frog measures in at […]

Volunteers working at the enrichment workshop

Whistle While You Work – Zoo Volunteers Are Awesome

Written by Tammy Buhrmester Santa Claus may have a workshop full of elves, but that is no comparison to the Houston Zoo Volunteers! Recently, on a cool Saturday morning, a group of Houston Zoo Volunteers and the primate department worked together during an enrichment workshop to construct enrichment for the primates. Twenty volunteers and two […]


Houston Zoo Chief Veterinarian Helps Restore Giant Tortoise Population in Galapagos

hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Freeze Protection for Plants

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