Steve Howard (Houston Zoo Bird Department) preparing food for the birds

Staff Saving Wildlife in the Mariana Islands (Part 5)!

This blog was written by Steve Howard, a member of the Zoo’s Bird Department. Steve Howard received a Staff Conservation Fund grant from his coworkers at the Houston Zoo to carry out a wildlife-saving project for birds in the Mariana Islands (a chain of islands in the western North Pacific Ocean). We will be posting a series […]


Sensational Snakes: Houston Zoo Puts a Spotlight on Native Snakes

Snakes are a part of life in Texas, and the Houston Zoo is passionate about their conservation. Snakes of all kinds play a vital role in our ecosystem as one of nature’s best pest control agents since they eat rats, mice, and other small animals. Even so, many people don’t like to see them in […]


Houston Zoo Chief Veterinarian Helps Restore Giant Tortoise Population in Galapagos

Bairds Tapir-0013-6217

Celebrate Tapirs with the Houston Zoo

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