2016 Wildlife Warriors!

Our admissions’ team raises funds to help save animals in the wild through the sales of colorful wildlife bracelets guests can buy at the entrance to the Zoo.  In 2015, the Zoo established a conservation hero award program to use the bracelet funds to recognize and enhance the outstanding staff employed by the Zoo’s existing conservation […]

The gorilla family in their new exhibit

Epic 12-hour Facebook LIVE Journey through Zoo

Every four years, elephants and donkeys battle it out for power, and this year might be the most contentious clash in modern history. Election coverage has been relentless and this Tuesday will be no different. But this year, the Houston Zoo is offering a break from the madness with a 12-hour Facebook Live interactive video […]


Saving Endangered Grey Crowned Cranes

Ball of fishing line mixed with seaweed. Discarded fishing line is a major threat to animals like sea turtles who can become entangled in it, making it difficult for them to swim and find food.

It’s Just One Piece: Surfside Jetty Clean-up and Sea Turtle Rescue

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