Maned Wolf Pups: Dinner Time

At 4 weeks of age, maned wolf puppies Dora and Diego are ready to start on solid food. Adult maned wolves are omniviorous, meaning they eat both plant material and meat. Here at the zoo, their diet consists of a specially formulated dry kibble, raw meat, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The first stage of the transition for the puppies is a gruel made with soaked kibble, canned dog food and some formula.

Dora takes her first bites

They need a little help at first, and we have put some on our fingers and feed it to them until they get the hang of it. Even then, sometimes they think its more fun to play in their food than to eat it, which means we’ll spend the rest of the day smelling like dog food!

Editor’s Note: Want to read more about the maned wolf pups? Click HERE and HERE for the two previous post. And come back to the Houston Zoo blog  for the next one, posting later this week!

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