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Houston Zoo Kids Website


An Online Adventure for Kids Aged 4 – 10

The Houston Zoo is proud to announce the launch of a new safe, fun, informative and interactive website for children 4 to 10 years of age. Designed for independent exploration, Houston Zoo Kids allows children and their parents to explore fully-illustrated, immersive environments that allow children to learn about animals and how to protect them in the wild.


Recommended Browsers

  • For the best experience, visit using Chrome or Safari
  • If you prefer Internet Explorer, please update to the latest version: IE Version 11
  • Not playable on mobile phones – Houston Zoo Videos coming soon for mobile phones!
  • On tablets, Safari and Chrome are recommended


Website Features

Learn about Animals

Participate in Saving Animals

Discover Field Conservation


A Safe Online Environment

  • No advertising: The Houston Zoo Kids website contains no ads or commercials.
  • Safe Video Viewing: All videos are produced by the Houston Zoo and are appropriate for children. They contain no advertising and no links to YouTube or any outside videos.
  • No links to external websites: The Parent and Teacher Resources Page is the only page that links to any other website – to the Houston Zoo website.
  • Protected login: Any information collected during the login process is safe and secure. The Houston Zoo has a stringent privacy policy; we will never sell or share user’s information.