Insects are Crawling Our Way – Insectarium in Spring 2014

Insectarium-Banner_1000px-2Currently underway at the Houston Zoo is construction on an exhibit premiering Memorial Day Weekend, 2014!  With help from architects of The Portico Group based in Seattle, we intend to create an exciting new adventure for kids of all ages.    We have recently broken ground on our newest attraction which will be a dual exhibit featuring Insects and Wombats.  We have plans to acquire two Wombats from Zoos Victoria in Melbourne and we are excited to welcome them to their new home in Houston, Texas.

Kevin Hodge, our Children’s Zoo Curator is currently in the process of establishing a diverse collection of incredible insects for 25 feature habitats in our Insectarium.  SOme of the noted species to be featured will be rainbow stag beetles, Peruvian walking sticks, katydids, a goliath bird-eating tarantula (arguably the largest spider in the world), and Texas giant centipedes, just to name a few!  We could not be more excited for this project as we continue to improve existing facilities at the Zoo as well as offering unique new experiences to our guests. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Status Update

In honor of the Chinese animal zodiac, we’re celebrating the Year of the Goat and featuring a goat in our Children's Zoo each month. This month, our keepers write about male goat, Jack, and how guests often mistake him for being pregnant.
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Holly StephensJack is my and my 3 year olds favorite goat. He's so sweet!

2 hours ago

Vicente Gonzalez

2 hours ago   ·  1

Christina Fezatte-ThibodauxPoor Jack. He's just a tad bit chubby. Poor guy being mistaken for being pregnant. :)

2 hours ago

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