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Reptile & Amphibian House


Meet Some of Our Reptiles and Amphibians
Reptiles_Anm_Lace_MonitorLace Monitor
 Komodo dragon
Diamondback Terrapin
 Coral Snake
 Black Mamba
Reptiles_Anm_Poison_Dart_FrogPoison Dart Frog

About the Reptile & Amphibian House

See some of the world’s most venomous snakes and exotic amphibians in the Reptile & Amphibian House! Just outside the building, visit Smaug, one of the Zoo’s resident (and very large) Komodo dragons. Inside, you’ll see Blanco, one of only fourteen white alligators in existence. You can also learn about snakes in Texas – and you surely won’t be able to miss some of the world’s largest, like the reticulated and Burmese pythons. The dart frogs also aren’t hard to find, colored with beautiful, bright jewel tones. There are over 900 animals representing more than 140 species of reptiles and 40 species of amphibians – can you find them all?

Behind the Scenes

Meet Judith
Judith is the supervisor of the Herpetology Department.  She has been at the Zoo since 1991 and still loves coming to work every day.


Meet Memory
Memory volunteered with Zoo Crew and interned with several animal departments. After completing her degree in biology, she now works in the Herpetology department.


Meet Smaug
Smaug is the largest (and most famous) of the Komodo dragons residing at the Houston Zoo. Serving as a guest favorite, Smaug loves to pose for pictures and work with his keepers.

Meet Blanco, our White Alligator


Did You Know?

Measuring in at the longest of all venomous snakes, king cobras can grow to almost 18 feet in length.