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Hoofed Run


Meet Some of Our Hoofed Run Animals
Hoof_Stanley_Cranestanley crane
Hoof_Baird's_Tapirbaird’s tapir

About Hoofed Run

This exhibit is divided into two areas within the Zoo: west and east. At west Hoofed Run, you will see several species of African animals in three exhibits, including giant eland with their huge, twisted horns, warthogs, okapi, Speke’s gazelle, yellow-backed duikers, lowland Nyala, and even marabou storks and cranes  to keep the hoofed animals company. If you’ve never seen an okapi, make it a “must see” when you visit – it’s a relative of the giraffe, but you might think it’s closer to a zebra when you see it! Over on east Hoofed Run, bongo, gerenuk, yellow-backed duikers, capybara, anteater and tapir make up a large part of this cast of characters. Ground hornbills also make their home on east Hoofed Run, keeping life interesting for the hoofed animals they live with.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Kim
Kim has been a Hoofed Stock keeper at Houston Zoo for almost 6 years, but has been a zookeeper for 10.


Meet Jessica
Jessica loves being a member of the Hoofed Stock team and you can find her all over the Zoo, working in many of the exhibits with our hoofed animals.


Meet Josie
I’m a two-year-old spunky gerenuk with attitude. My hobbies are eating, standing on my back legs, and making sure my fellow Gerenuk friends aren’t causing any ruckus. I like my peaceful atmosphere.

Newborn Nyala

Did You Know?

Even though they may appear fierce and aggressive, warthogs prefer to run away when threatened.

An ankole cattle steer named “Lurch” set a world record for a horn circumference measuring 37.5 inches!