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Carnivores Exhibits

Meet Some of Our Carnivores
African Painted Dog
Maned Wolf

About the Carnivores Exhibits

Lions, tigers, and bears…oh my! Meet the king of the jungle, tigers, jaguars, bears, fossa, and so many other carnivores as you trek through the wilds of the Houston Zoo. Your journey through the Carnivores exhibits will require a keen sense of sight –keep your eyes peeled in the small cats exhibits, because they like to hide – and their coats provide the perfect camouflage. Also, don’t miss the University of Houston’s mascot, Shasta the cougar! Think cats don’t like the water? Think again! Stop by to visit the tigers, and you might just see them taking a dip in their moat. Take a close-up peek at the lions in the lion tunnel, where you may be able to observe our lion girls playing with special toys and treats.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Angie
Angie started working in the Children’s Zoo in 2002. Out of all the carnivores, Lions are her favorite because of the social dynamic within the pride.
Meet Stephanie
Stephanie has experience from five zoos and sanctuaries around the nation. Her typical day includes training with black bears, clouded leopards and cougars.
Meet Samamtha
Samantha has worked at the Houston Zoo since 2004. She cares for and trains the jaguar, Malayan tiger, Anatolian shepherd, and her favorite, the African painted dogs.

ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program Internship

The Carnivore department has a paid intern this summer! This internship offers valuable hands-on keeper experience as as well as helping this excellent department care for all their animals. Thank you to ExxonMobil, whose generous support makes this internship possible.


Clouded Leopard Cubs

Twelve week old clouded leopard cubs Koshi and Senja took their first romp in the grass at the Houston Zoo.

Did You Know?

Snow leopards use their extremely long tail for balance while jumping and navigating rough terrain.

African wild dogs are very social and will regularly share food with their pack.

Although education in jaguar conservation is spreading, jaguars continue to be hunted for their beautiful coat.