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Bird Habitats


Our Feathered Friends
Cinereous Vulture
Exhibits_Birds_KookaburraLaughing Kookaburra
Go-away Bird
Green-winged Macaw
Amazon Parrot

About the Bird Habitats

One of the largest collections in any US zoo, we are home to over 250 species and 800 individual birds. There are three main bird exhibits: Fischer Bird Garden, the Tropical Bird House, and Birds of the World. As you enter the Bird Garden, you are greeted by the largest vulture in the New World: the king vulture. You can also see huge rhinoceros hornbills, unusual turacos, and gorgeous scarlet ibis. The Tropical Bird House is a lush retreat filled with the sounds of the rainforest. Play “I Spy” as you try to find all the species of birds flying around you! As you walk through Birds of the World, enjoy beautiful flamingoes, the strange yet amazing shoebill stork, and many more incredible species.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Chris
Chris began his zoo career as a volunteer in 1996. He joined the staff as a Bird Keeper in 2000 after acting as an Attwater’s Prairie Chicken intern for the bird department.


Meet Mollie
Mollie has been a keeper since 2003; she is currently a Senior Bird Keeper who has worked at the Houston Zoo since 2006.


Meet Rene
Rene has worked at the Zoo for roughly 4 years. Her favorite species are in the parrot family, which she admires for their diverse social behaviors and problem solving skills.

Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Video

Did You Know?

Owls have an amazing digestive system, with the ability to swallow small animals whole and later regurgitate bones and other undesirable parts.