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Kipp Aquarium


Our Underwater Friends
sea turtle
moon jellyfish
hammer coral

About the Aquarium

Take an expedition from the coral reefs of the Pacific to the Amazon Basin and the Rift Valley lakes of Africa by visiting the Kipp Aquarium! Home to over 200 species and 2,000 individual fresh and saltwater fish, as well as marine invertebrates, you’ll be sure to find a new favorite underwater animal here. As you enter, see a flooded Amazon forest filled with huge stingrays and gigantic catfish – but be careful, as a large school of piranhas is close by! Explore a little further to see a rescued sea turtle swimming with other amazing fish found in the Gulf. Be sure not to miss the bright green moray eel, giant pacific octopus, sharks, and the delicate, beautiful moon jellyfish.

Behind the Scenes

Meet Becky
Becky has worked at the Houston Zoo for 4 years, bringing experience in a number of aquatic animals, ranging from manatee to jellyfish.


Meet Carissa
Carissa is an aquarist working with a variety of animals, from seahorses and sharks to our Giant Pacific Octopus. Being from California, the ocean has always fascinated her.


Meet George
George is the Aquarium Curator at the Houston Zoo. George uses his vast knowledge of all things aquatic to help keep the waters of the Zoo pristine.

Kipp Aquarium: White Spotted Jellies


Did You Know?

Although the name suggests otherwise, electric eels are actually not eels. Their classification is more closely related to catfish and carp.