African Painted Dog Researcher Peter Blinston

An evening of wine and wild stories of African painted dogs Friday, April 17, 2015, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Brown Education Center at the Houston Zoo African Painted Dog researcher Peter Blinston fell in love with these unique dogs while watching documentaries growing up in his native England. He has been working to protect painted dogs for twelve years now and serves as Managing Director for Painted Dog Conservation. Join us for an intimate evening of wine and stories of protecting the endangered African Painted Dogs in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. More Information and Registration

Save a Turtle Saturday

Visit the Zoo during this special event to learn how the Houston Zoo works to save turtles around the world, and find out how you can make a difference to your local turtles. Save a Turtle Saturday focuses on the threats and dangers facing marine and land-based turtles around the world. During Save a Turtle Saturday, guests and children can participate in a variety of games and activities to learn more about the threats turtles face, and how you can help! All activities are free with Zoo admission.

Kipp Aquarium renovation

Kipp Aquarium is closed for renovation through February 13. See the sea life – jellies, piranha, coral reef and more – in Natural Encounters.

Educator Workshop: Boost Your Budget

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Minimal classroom funding? Spending your own money in your classroom? Join us for a day dedicated to utilizing and making the most of low cost supplies. In this workshop, explore the world of paper goods to design and create interactive classroom activities such as shoebox science stations, paper foldables, and bag sorters. More Info and Registration

Teen Career Conference

Ages 12+ Sunday, January 25, 2015 1:00pm – 4:00pm Gain insight into animal-related career fields directly from Zoo staff and learn how to get involved through volunteer and internship opportunities at the Houston Zoo. Includes brief presentations by Zoo staff members and representatives from colleges and universities with animal-related fields of study. Light refreshments will be provided. More Information and Registration

Last Day for the Scoop on Poop

Special Exhibition – here for a limited time! Open December 22 through March 29 Brown Education Center in the Houston Zoo Fish do it, frogs do it, pythons, eagles and elephants do it, yet poop is one of those subjects we find difficult to talk about with a straight face. Kids, however, are positively fascinated by it, and poop is interesting stuff, really! Animals use poop to build homes, hide from enemies, attract mates, send messages, and cool off – some even eat it. With a little detective work, you can learn a lot about an animal by what it leaves behind. More Information on the Scoop on Poop Special Exhibition

Zoo Ball

Saturday, April 18, 2015 Honoring: Annie & Bob Graham and BBVA Compass Co-Chairs: Scott McClelland and Jim Postl Auction Co-Chairs: Alie Pruner and Leigh Stubbs While for many Africa is a distant destination shrouded in mystery and lush landscapes, you can escape to this curious continent for just one evening. Join the Houston Zoo for an awe-inspiring adventure: Zoo Ball 2015—An Evening in Africa. More Information on Zoo Ball

Daily Schedule

Sunday, February 01, 2015 10:00 Elephant Bath at the Elephant Barn 10:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at the Anegada Island Iguana Exhibit in the Reptile House 10:30 Meet the Keeper Talk in the Bug House at the Children’s Zoo 11:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Rhinos in African Forest 11:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes) 11:00 Story Safari at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo 11:30 Meet the Aquarium Keeper at the Piranha Exhibit in Natural Encounters 12:00 Zooper Challenge at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo 12:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Chimpanzees in African Forest 1:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Natural Encounters 1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk for Sea Lions 1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Elephants 1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Giraffes in African Forest 2:00 Nature Talks at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo 2:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes) 2:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Birds of the World 3:00 Meet the Keeper at the Swap Shop in Children’s Zoo for a Tarantula encounter 3:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Orangutans in Wortham World of Primates 4:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Natural Encounters

Home School: Wildlife Games

On your mark, get set, LEARN! In this fun-filled day, the whole family will get a chance to exercise their minds as well as their bodies as we play games to demonstrate concepts such as predator/prey relationships, working together as a pack, and more. Game time will also include data collection skills and interpretation.   Remember: If you are a Club H.S. member, this day is included in your membership.   Find Out More and Register