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We're renovating our concessions at Cypress Circle. Look for many other refreshment options at Macaw Cafe, Twiga Cafe and at carts and kiosks around the zoo.

Wednesday, September 17, Kipp Aquarium will close early at 4:30 for a private event.

Saturday, September 20, Twiga Cafe will close early at 5:00 for a private event.

Monday, September 22, Carruth Natural Encounters will close early at 4:30 for a private event.

May 17, 2014

Wild Winks - Spend the Night at the Zoo

Stay overnight at the Houston Zoo and have a fun-filled and totally unique after-hours adventure! Grab your flashlight and walk with us through the dark pathways to spy nocturnal zoo denizens and other zoo animals out for an evening prowl in their habitats. Enjoy a pizza dinner and curl up in your sleeping bag in the climate-controlled comfort of our education center. Then wake for a continental breakfast, morning zoo tour and a touchable animal experience!

Wild Winks overnights are available for individuals, families, scouts, school and community groups – check the Wild Winks page for more information.

More Information on Wild Winks

Elephant Open House

Come meet the newest addition to the Houston Zoo’s Asian elephant herd, Duncan, at our next Elephant Open House! The state-of-the-art elephant barn will be open exclusively for Open House attendees to explore, and each stall will highlight a different aspect of elephant care. The morning also includes a complimentary breakfast.

Find Out More and Get Tickets to the Elephant Open House

Spotlight on Species: Spiders

Poor spiders! They seem to be at or near the top of most folks’ list of creepy crawly icky things. Though they are often thought of as pests, they are in fact nature’s pest control, eating many bugs that bug us or our crops! Find out some cool facts about spiders at this Spotlight on Species. We’ll have some exotic species of spiders on exhibit for you to see. Over at the craft table, kids can contribute strands of yarn to a spider “web” that will grow throughout the day! Also get the scoop about two new bug additions to the zoo that are coming soon: our Bug House insectarium and the Extreme Bugs giant animatronic exhibit this summer.
Location: In front of the Swap Shop in the McGovern Children’s Zoo
Schedule of Featured Animals
9:30-10:00 Family Feud: Brown Widow, Black Widow
10:00-11:00 Spiders in Texas: Black Widow, Huntsman, Spitting Spider, Texas Brown Tarantula
11:00-12:00 Exceptional Beauty: Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula, Mexican Redleg Tarantula
12:00-1:00 Natural Pest Control: Green Lynx Spiders, Spitting Spider
1:00-2:00 The World’s Largest Spider Species: Goliath Birdeater Tarantula
2:00-3:00 Scorpions: Desert Hairy Scorpion, Emperor Scorpion
3:00-3:30 Comparing Spiders and Scorpions: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula, Desert Hairy Scorpion


Zoo Map
Need help getting around the Zoo? Print this handy map and bring it with you, or just take a look at it.
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Today's Shows, Feedings, and Meet the Keeper Talks

Wednesday September 17, 2014
10:00 Elephant Bath at the Elephant Barn
10:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at the Anaconda in the Reptile House
10:30 Fruit Bat Feeding at the Children’s Zoo
11:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Hoofstock
11:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes)
11:00 Story Safari at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
11:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at the Aquarium
11:30 Meet the Keeper Talk on the Clouded leopard cubs at the Fossa exhibit
12:00 Zooper Challenge at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
12:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Chimpanzees in African Forest
1:00 Natural Encounters: Red Panda Keeper Talk
1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Sea Lions
1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Elephants
2:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes)
2:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Giraffes in African Forest
2:00 Nature Talks at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
2:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Birds of the World
3:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at orangutans in Wortham World of Primates
4:00 Natural Encounters: Bat Cave Keeper Talk