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The Wildlife Carousel will be closed through Friday August 29 for repairs and maintenance.

Tuesday, August 19, the Water Play Park is closed for repairs.

Tuesday, August 19, sea lions are off exhibit for pool maintenance.

November 24, 2013

Vulture SOS

Celebrate nature’s cleanup crew, the vultures! Find out more about vultures at the zoo and in the wild at the Vulture Spotlight on Species (SOS) Saturday and Sunday November 23-24.
Did you know the Houston Zoo has a pair of Cinereous vultures? They have cool blue heads. We also have King vultures in our Fischer Bird Garden. The Vulture SOS will be at the Cinereous exhibit, where we’ll have games, biofacts (feathers and bones!), coloring activities and more. There will also be some cool vulture souvenirs to purchase such as magnets, keychains, bookmarks and ornaments.
While turkey and black vultures seem so abundant to us in Texas, vultures around the world range from threatened to critically endangered. That’s why the money raised at Vulture SOS will be donated to the Cambodian Vulture Conservation Project. Come out and support vultures and find out more about this cool animal!
Check out these vultures and many other cool Houston Zoo birds on the Meet the Animals: Birds page


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Today's Shows, Feedings, and Meet the Keeper Talks

Tuesday August 19, 2014
10:00 Elephant Bath at the Elephant Barn
10:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at the Malayan Gharial in The Reptile House
10:30 Fruit Bat Feeding at the Children’s Zoo
11:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Rhinos in African Forest
11:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes)
11:00 Story Safari at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
11:30 Meet the Aquarium Keeper at the Piranha Exhibit in Natural Encounters
11:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at the Tiger window
12:00 Zooper Challenge at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
12:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Chimpanzees in African Forest
1:00 Natural Encounters: Meerkat Keeper Talk
1:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Elephants
2:00 Nature Talks at the Butterfly Stage in the Children’s Zoo
2:00 Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest (Dependent on Weather/Giraffes)
2:00 Meet the Keeper Talk at Giraffes in African Forest
2:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Birds of the World
3:30 Meet the Keeper Talk at Orangutans in Wortham World of Primates
3:00 Natural Encounters: Duprasi Gerbil Encounter at Indoor Drylands
4:00 Natural Encounters: Lizard Encounter at Indoor Porch