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Wildlife Warriors

Discover how you can team up with the Houston Zoo to save animals in the Wild. Meet our ambassador animals and learn how you can take action to be a Wildlife Warrior. Book as a single program or back-to-back experiences with a maximum of four hours.

Length of Program


30 minutes

$120 for 1-50 participants

$150 for 51-100 participants

45 minutes

$180 for 1-50 participants

$225 for 51-100 participants


Mileage Fees

Our trip fees are estimated by mileage (see below), and we travel no more than 60 miles away from the Houston Zoo. We do not provide animals for a “petting zoo” experience, birthday parties, or private residences



31-40 miles


41-50 miles


51-60 miles


Mileage fees are assessed by using Google maps and are measured from the Zoo to the program location.

Before you book your ZooMobile, please be sure to read our policies and procedures:

ZooMobile Policies and Procedures

Need more information? Don’t see a program that fits your needs? Contact us at and we can answer your questions. We will work with you to create a program suitable for your group.

Zoo Tales

Come read with us! Read a story with a Zoo Educator and meet our ambassador animals. Join our staff for an animal adventure where the characters come to life and join in the fun. Perfect for a PreK audience.

Program Cost: $120 for first program
Additional programs: $100
Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 6 programs
Length of program: 20-30 minutes (maximum of 6 programs)


Critter Chats

These fun-filled 20 minute presentations introduce participants to animal classification with Many Kinds of Animals (K) or the intricacies of the food web with Feeding Frenzy (K-5). Each class will meet three ambassador animals.

Program Cost: $80/program (minimum of 2)
Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 6 programs
Length of program: 20 minutes (maximum of 6 programs)


ZooMobile Festival Booth

Visit continents and animals around the globe without ever leaving Texas! You will meet ambassador animals and learn what you can do to help save their wild counterparts.

Program cost: $350 for first two hours
Each Additional Hour: $200
Length of program: Maximum of 4 hours