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School ZooMobiles

These ZooMobiles were created especially for you and your classroom. Select your grade level, your topic and choose your own activities. Using the 5E model of instruction, tailor this experience to meet the needs of your students and your scope and sequence. We will bring two live animals and the three activities you selected to make science come to life. Note:  All programs are aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, created with consultation from our Education Advisory Council comprised of elite professionals from the Greater Houston Area. Registration form and payment must be received at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the program date.

First Program – $135
Each Additional Program – $100

Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 4 classes
Length of program: 45 minutes

Before you book your ZooMobile, please be sure to read our policies and procedures:
ZooMobile Policies and Procedures

Mileage Fees



31-40 miles


41-50 miles


51-60 miles


Mileage fees are assessed by using Google maps and are measured from the Zoo to the program location. For more information, please contact the Education Department.

Community ZooMobiles

Bring our fun, interactive learning experiences to you with biofacts such as animal skins, skulls, and mounts as well as an opportunity to touch live animals. Our trip fees are estimated by mileage (see below), and we travel no more than 60 miles away from the Houston Zoo. We do not provide animals for a “petting zoo” experience, birthday parties, or private residences.

Browse the many options below for ZooMobile Short programs and Festival Booths, then complete our request form:

ZooMobile Festival Booth

Visit continents and animals around the globe without ever leaving Texas! This program includes animal artifacts and live animal presentations by a Zoo Staff member.

First Two Hours – $185
Each Additional Hour – $100

Max: None
Length of program: Maximum of 4 hours

ZooMobile Station Exploration

Explore science concepts with rotating, short activities by a Zoo Staff member. The three selected activities will run consecutively for the duration of the scheduled program. 

First Two Hours – $185
Each Additional Hour – $100

Max: None
Length of program: Maximum of 4 hours


ZooMobile Short Program

These fun-filled 20 minute presentations introduce participants to animal classification with Many Kinds of Animals (preK) or the intricacies of the food web with Feeding Frenzy (K-5). This program is recommended for classes to rotate through as each class will be introduced to an array of animal artifacts and one live animal.

Up to Two Hours – $185

Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 6 short programs
Length of program: 20 minutes
Short Program-Many Kinds of Animals (PreK)
Short Program-Feeding Frenzy (Grades 1-5) Request_a_Zoomobile_Button