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Bring our fun, interactive learning experiences to you with biofacts such as animal skins, skulls, and mounts as well as an opportunity to touch live animals. Our trip fees are estimated by mileage, and we travel no more than 60 miles away from the Houston Zoo. We do not provide animals for a “petting zoo” experience, birthday parties, or private residences.

Browse the many options below for Zoomobile classes, short programs and classes, then fill out our registration form:

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Before you book your Zoomobile, please be sure to read our policies and procedures:

Zoomobile Policies and Procedures

ZooMobile Classes

First Program – $135
Each Additional Program – $100 

Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 4 classes
Length of program: 45 minutes

 Stories: My Sister Hugged an Ape (Pre-K)
 Stories: Sense Safari (Pre-K)
 Habitats (Grades K-3, 5)
 Many Kinds of Animals (Grades K-3)
 Survival Gear (Grades 2-5)
 Texas Animals (Grades K-5)
 Feeding Frenzy (Grades 1-5)
 Master Survivalists (Grades 7-12)

ZooMobile Short Program

Up to Two Hours – $185 

Max: 35 participants (including teachers, chaperones, aids and parents); maximum of 6 short programs
Length of program: 20 minutes

Short Program-Many Kinds of Animals (PreK)
Short Program-Feeding Frenzy (Grades 1-5)

ZooMobile Festivals

First Two Hours – $185
Each Additional Hour – $100 

Max: None
Length of program: Maximum of 4 hours

Travel Around the Globe: Visit continents around the world without ever leaving Texas! This topic highlights various animals throughout the globe.
Zoo Careers: Working at the Zoo doesn’t mean ONLY working with animals. Interested in graphic design or architecture and construction? This topic reveals the Zoo as home to an array of careers.
Night Creatures: This topic focuses on animals with super senses! Nocturnal animals have a score of interesting adaptations – let us bring them to light!
Endangered Species: These animals are vanishing before our eyes. For this topic, we focus on endangered animals and reasons for their demise.

All programs are aligned with State and National Standards.  Registration form and payment must be received at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the program date.

Mileage fees are assessed by using Google maps and are measured from the Zoo to the program location.

Mileage Fees



31-40 miles


41-50 miles


51-60 miles


For more information, please contact the Education Department.

 Distance Learning Classes

Field trips getting too expensive?!  Bring the adventure to your classroom with our new distance learning program.  Enjoy real time interactions with Zoo educators in these standards-based presentations that engage students with animal artifacts, on-screen trivia, and live animals.

Per Program - $125

To see the topics and dates, or to register, click on the register button below.  Select ‘Houston Zoo’ in the provider drop down menu.