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Camp Zoofari

Summer Camps are over for 2016. Stay tuned for information about Winter Camp Zoofari during the holiday break, and see you next summer as well!

Summer Camp 2016

Your summer vacation just got wild! Camp Zoofari is the place for kids ages 4 through 12 to learn and have fun with an animal-centered curriculum created just for them. This summer features some new and exciting topics and brings back a few of the classics that your campers love. Camps include half-day and full day options for the youngest campers age 4-5, full day camps for ages 6-7 and 8-9, and full day plus a Thursday night overnight for ages 10-12.

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Camp Registration

Registration begins on the following dates:

February 1 Asante
February 8 Conservator, Sustaining, & Ambassador
February 15 Supporting,  Flock & Family Premium
February 22 Grandparent, Family Plus, Family & Individual
February 29 Non-members


Browse camp details below, or print out this handy guide:
Camp Zoofari Summer 2016

Camp Prices and Times*

All camps are Monday – Friday.
Half-day camps are from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Full-day camps are from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
We do not offer before or after care.

Half-day camps, age 4-5: $155
Full-day camps, age 4-9: $275

Full-day camps + overnight°, age 10-12:
Comic Conservation or Zoo Careers: $410
Keeper Camp: $450

*Camps are a reduced price and four days long the weeks of May 30 and July 4.
°Overnight opportunity is only offered with Comic Conservation and Zoo Careers.

Ten Weeks of Fun Educational Camps! May 31 – August 5

Camps for age 4-5 are offered as both full day and half day options. Camps for age 10-12 include a Thursday night overnight (excluding Keeper Camp).

AGES 4 – 5


The natural world is full of wonders. Explore some of these wonders in a little more depth with Eco-Experiments! Is flight just for the birds? Are volcanoes the only thing that erupt? Each day tackles a new question with a hands on approach that turns each participant into an investigative scientist!


Everybody does it! But why is it so important to researchers? Learn the ins and outs of poop and the clues it leaves as you become a junior scatologist. Discover what poop can tell us about the animals that produce it. Can you sniff out who “dung” it?


Before jungle gyms and monkey bars existed, nature was the ultimate playground.  Animals still use the outdoors to romp and play. In the animal kingdom, playing isn’t just for fun, it’s a learning tool. Join us as we get active and practice the skill of playing!


Have you ever been called a night owl? Are you an early bird? Do you ever wake up looking for that midnight snack? Animals keep some interesting hours; day, night, or anywhere in between. Join us as we discover when and why animals are their most active.

AGES 6 – 7


Over 65 million years in the making, dinosaurs are back! Journey through time to explore the prehistoric world and discover how these magnificent (and sometimes fearsome) creatures measure up against the biggest and baddest animals of today.


Trek through the animal kingdom as we use American Sign Language to explore various species and determine how they live, travel, and thrive in their habitats. No passports required for this language learning adventure.


Look, in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… superheroes and villains, as you have never seen them before! Superheroes and villains have been “borrowing” traits and POWers from the animal world for ages. Investigate which traits these characters share with their wild counterparts!


Can you name the two state mammals? What about the state bird? Did you know, that you could once find jaguars prowling in South Texas? Long before that, Quetzalcoatlus, a large pterodactyl, ruled the skies over this great state. Journey with us as we learn about the animals, past and present, that have called Texas home.

AGES 8 – 9


Clownfish and sea anemones. Flowers and honey bees. Humans and mosquitoes? These three pairs are just a few of the unique partnerships that exist in the animal kingdom. Discover the ins and outs of animals that work together (and the ones that may not want to).


Dogs helping cats? Bees keeping elephants safe? Not all heroes wear capes. Investigate the ways animals are saving others and lending helping paws, claws, trunks and tails.


Are you an amateur photographer or could your snapchats grace the cover of a famous wildlife magazine? From clicking to editing, we’ll cover it all. We’ll utilize the latest technology, including iPads and digital cameras to create a wild portfolio.


This summer, the Olympics will showcase the best athletes in the world. But what about in the animal kingdom? The cheetah may take the gold for speed, but in weight lifting, don’t discount the ant. Delve into the champions of the animal world and the survival “games” animals play.

AGES 10 – 12


If you’re as passionate about conservation awareness as we are, delve into your comic strip creativity.  Utilize various animals in our collection as the main characters (with you making a guest appearance). The information you share in your comic strip will definitely be POW-erful! Includes a Thursday night overnight experience.


Who works at the zoo? Is it just zookeepers? Explore the various people and positions required to run a zoo and meet some of the faces around the world that the zoo works with to promote animal conservation in the wild. Includes a Thursday night overnight experience.


Think you have what it takes to be a zookeeper? Each day, discover more about the challenges faced by our keeper staff and the rewards their work can offer. Go behind the scenes and get an up close look into the world of zoo keeping!


Summer 2016 Camp Schedule



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Questions? Contact Us:
Main Zoo Number: 713-533-6500
Education Fax: 713-533-6783