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Camp Zoofari Parent Page

Welcome to the Camp Zoofari Parent Page! Here you’ll find information on several camp topics. Throughout the summer we’ll continue to update this page with links to camp photo albums, fun videos, and activity information so please visit it often. Thank you for choosing Camp Zoofari for your summer adventure!

This week at Camp Zoofari!

Growth sperts
Move and Make Noise
Bringing Up Baby
Interesting Inverts
Wild Anatomy
Wild Weirdos
Zoo Design

Other Exciting Weeks at Camp:

Please email us at education@houstonzoo.org or call us
at 713-533-6739.

Photos from Camp                              
Click here to view Camp Zoofari photos

Frequently Asked Questions

When is camp sign-in and sign-out?
Where should I park?
What are the sign-in and sign-out procedures?
What if someone other than myself is picking up my camper?
Can I bring a backpack?
What else should I pack?
Can my camper bring a cell phone?
What should I do if we arrive after sign-in or if we need to leave early?
Do you provide snacks?
What about lunch?
What are the camp rules?

How are campers supervised?

What happens if a camper is disruptive?
My child needs medication. How should I arrange for this?

What if it's my campers birthday?

Can I stay with my child in camp?

Do you have before and after care?


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