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They’ve been extinct for millions of years, but you can see (and hear!) them up close when you visit the Houston Zoo. Join us for Dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs! has been extended through October 2nd

Transport yourself to the “Age of the Dinosaurs” as you immerse into the prehistoric landscape of DINOSAURS! at the Houston Zoo. Lush green trees and prehistoric plants welcome you to a world from long ago with amazing dinosaurs around every corner!

As you wander the winding path, you’ll be amazed at the size and detail of the giant animatronic dinosaurs that move their heads, arms, and tails, and even spit water! Don’t miss your chance to take an up-close look at these massive creatures that used to roam the Earth this summer at the Houston Zoo.


Houston Zoo All-Day Pass
Adult $19.95 Includes Zoo admission, all-day DINOSAURS! entry, and a conservation bracelet
Child $19.95 Includes Zoo admission, all-day DINOSAURS! entry, a conservation bracelet, and unlimited Texas Direct Auto Wildlife Carousel rides

DINOSAURS! Members Pass
$4.95 Unlimited Texas Direct Auto Wildlife Carousel & DINOSAURS! all-day pass exclusively for Zoo members

DINOSAURS! Non-Member Add-On
$5.95 Unlimited Texas Direct Auto Wildlife Carousel & DINOSAURS! all-day pass (plus your required Zoo admission)

$3.95 per person (plus your required Zoo admission)

Buy your ticket online, at the gate, or when you get to the exhibit!


The word “dinosaur” originated from the Greek word deinos meaning “fearfully-great” and sauros meaning “lizard,” and you can check out a number of fearfully great lizards from the gentle Brachiosaurus to the ultimate dinosaur king – the Tyrannosaurus Rex – on your next Zoo visit.

What dinosaurs will you see?

Amargasaurus – “A-mar-gah-sore-us”
Brachiosaurus – “Brak-he-o-sore-us”
Citipati – “Sih-tee-pah-tee”
Diabloceratops – “Dee-ab-low-she-rah-tops”
Dilophosaurus – “Di-lo-fo-sore-us”
Parasauralophus – “Pah-rah-sore-o-loe-fus”
Plateosaurus – “Plat-e-o-sore-us”
Quetzalcoatlus – “Kwet-zal-co-at-las”
Tyrannosaurus – “Ty-ran-no-sore-us”
Utahraptor – “You-tah-rap-tor”

Does your kidasaurus already know and love everything there is to know about dinosaurs? Make sure you enhance your experience with these extras!

• Dino-themed food, drinks and fun mementos you can take home from your zoo visit.
• Pick up a dinosaur conservation bracelet to help save animals still roaming the Earth!