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The Houston Zoo is focused on saving lions in the wild.  Lions are facing dramatic declines in Africa due to loss of living space and conflicts with local people, but there are solutions, if we work fast.  Join the Houston Zoo for our annual Feed Your Wildlife Conservation Gala on October 14th 2015 and help us protect lions in Africa.  This event will support a regional effort called Pride: Lion Conservation Alliance, that is finding solutions to save lions from extinction across East Africa.

2015 Feed Your Wild Life Conservation Gala

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Honoring Dr. Cullen Geiselman
Co-Chairs: Kelli Cohen Fein and Martin Fein
Auction Co-Chairs: Amanda Brock and Cathy Brock

Presenting sponsor:


2015 Conservation Gala Host Committee

2015 Conservation Gala Underwriters

Featuring: Pride – Lion Conservation Alliance

What is Pride?
It is an alliance of professional women across Africa who lead carnivore conservation projects and are committed to working together to use our collective knowledge and experience to increase the effectiveness of our conservation efforts.

A world where conservation professionals work more closely together and support each other to better achieve their conservation goals. Our common goal is to secure lion populations into the future.

Lions in Africa are Disappearing
Scientists estimate there are less than 30,000 lions left in Africa, half the number of 20 years ago, and the biggest reasons for their decline are conflict with people and loss of habitat and prey due to human population growth. Pride provides a novel approach to deal with these complex issues by optimizing the transfer of knowledge and experience between projects and sites, so we can have greater impact over broader areas.

Pride Projects
Pride is achieving community-based lion conservation by:
• Building on existing traditional structures and approaches to protect lions and communities
• Integrating state of the art technologies with traditional knowledge to save lions
• Improving the quality of lives through conservation

Pride Speakers for the Evening:
Shivani Bhalla, Ewaso Lion Project
Alayne Cotterill, Ewaso Lion Project
Stephanie Dolrenry, Lion Guardians
Leela Hazzah, Lion Guardians
Colleen Begg, Niassa Lion Project
Amy Dickman, Ruaha Carnivore Project

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If you have any questions about tickets or tables to the gala, please contact Ginger Moon at 713-533-6584 or