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Gorillas are in trouble. They are hunted for meat, sold as pets, and severely affected by habitat loss from expanding illegal activities including mining for gold, tantalum (found in many electronics, like cell phones) and other minerals affect their daily lives. Join the Houston Zoo for our seventh annual Feed Your Wild Life Conservation Gala on October 15, 2014. The evening supports gorilla conservation efforts in Africa through the efforts of two amazing organizations that save gorillas in the wild: Gorilla Doctors and GRACE.

The Gala is SOLD OUT

Thank you so much for your support of the Zoo! The Gala is sold out. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact Ginger Moon at

Pride – Lion Conservation Alliance

What is Pride?
We are an alliance of professional women across Africa who lead carnivore conservation projects and are committed to working together to use our collective knowledge and experience to increase the effectiveness of our conservation efforts.

Our vision is a world where conservation professionals work more closely together and support each other to better achieve their conservation goals.

We established the alliance to demonstrate how a different approach to collaboration can optimize carnivore conservation efforts.

Our common goal is to secure lion populations into the future.

Lions in Africa are Disappearing

Scientists estimate there are less than 30,000 lions left in Africa, half the number of 20 years ago, and the biggest reasons for their decline are conflict with people and loss of habitat and prey due to human population growth. Pride provides a novel approach to deal with these complex issues by optimizing the transfer of knowledge and experience between projects and sites, so we can have greater impact over broader areas.

Collective Innovation

We share knowledge and experience: sharing and using expertise within the group in a structured and tactical way to develop joint concepts for more effective lion conservation We use joint efforts to achieve sustainable funding: working together to secure sustainable funding, allowing Pride members to focus more on lion conservation in the field We build our leadership competencies: enhancing existing leadership competencies and management skills by taking a focused and customised approach

Pride Projects

Pride is achieving community-based lion conservation by:
• Building on existing traditional structures and approaches to protect lions and communities
• Integrating state of the art technologies with traditional knowledge to save lions
• Improving the quality of lives through conservation

What You Can Do at the Zoo

The Houston Zoo supports great ape conservation through many projects throughout the year. Learn more about our conservation efforts, join us at the 2014 Feed Your Wild Life Conservation Gala, or get your community group involved in conservation.

Action for Apes

The Action for Apes Challenge is a yearly contest hosted by the Houston Zoo from January to APE-ril to see which school or community organization can recycle the most cell phones. By recycling old phones with the Zoo you can help protect animals like chimpanzees and gorillas that live in areas where cell phone materials are mined. You can continue to recycle your old cell phones at the Zoo during all months of the year, outside of the Challenge.

How Does This Help Save Animals Like Gorillas?

A material called tantalum is found in almost every cell phone, as well as in laptops and cameras. This metal comes from the ground in Central Africa, which happens to be where animals like chimpanzees, gorillas and okapis live. When the metal is taken from habitats to be used in electronics, the homes of chimps, gorillas and okapis become disrupted and these animal populations decrease.

Action for Apes diagram

If you recycle your old cell phone with us, then the materials in the phone can be reused instead of getting new minerals from the ground in Central Africa. When you recycle your phone at the Zoo, we return it to a company called Eco-Cell that sells the individual parts of the phone so that they can be reused. Any proceeds then go to conservation efforts to save animals in the wild.

2014 Feed Your Wild Life Conservation Gala

Thank you so much for your support of the Zoo! The Gala is SOLD OUT. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact Ginger Moon at

Bigger and more exciting than ever, Celebrating Gorillas in the Wild will be October 15, 2014 in our African Forest. This enthralling evening includes fine dining as well as opportunities to support gorilla conservation efforts in Africa through an exciting auction featuring a luxury African safari, Zoo behind-the-scenes tours, and many unique items from Africa.


Join us with special guest and Board Member of Gorilla Doctors, Jack Hanna, as well as members of Gorilla Doctors and the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center.

The PDF below contains all the options for attending this special event.

  Feed Your Wild Life Gala Registration Form 2014

Please make checks payable to “Houston Zoo Conservation”
Mail the completed form and payment to:
Attn: Ginger Moon
The Houston Zoo
1513 Cambridge Street
Houston, TX 77030

Register today – if we receive your reservation by July 1, 2014 you’ll be listed in the invitation!