Coming Soon: A New Look for!

If you visit the Zoo’s website,, late next week, you’ll see a drastic change. We’re taking our website to a whole new level! Here are just a few of the changes you’ll notice:

  • Different look and feel: We’re moving to a modern, visual style that will showcase our animals and allow you to see some of the outstanding photography we’ve taken here at the Zoo
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility: No matter what device you use to look at our website, the site will change to give you the best view for your device (tablet, phone, or computer). You will see the layout shift and change so it is easy to read…and you can now navigate through the whole site, rather than just a few specially-built pages on your mobile phone.
  • More animal information: We’ve added special “animal information cards” for many of our animals so you can learn more about them and see what they look like before you get to the Zoo
  • Better organization: The main navigation bar that you see focuses on planning your trip, learning about our animal collection and exhibits, and showcases our education and conservation programs, as well as special experiences you can have at the Zoo.  There is also a search function so you can find exactly what you are looking for immediately!
  • Reworked events calendar: you will be able to find the events you’re looking for much more quickly and easily, as well as browse upcoming events faster and better.
  • New @ The Zoo: one of the questions we get most often is, “What’s New?” In this new section of our site, you can see new Zoo babies, event announcements,  conservation project updates, and so much more.
Zoo Website Before
Zoo Website After










This site was designed by Seattle-based designer Kevyn Smith and developed by Simon Silverio, also based in Seattle. We are lucky to have these two creative, wonderful people help us make this site the best it can be!

We hope you enjoy the changes we’re making, and we encourage you to let us know your thoughts as you explore the new site. Please feel free to email with your feedback once the new site is up and running!



8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A New Look for!

  1. Will there be a place for updates and construction info for the zoo? There’s a new building going up next to the hoofed run, but nothing saying what animal(s) it will be for.

    1. Brian,

      You bet! That’s exactly what will go up there. Regarding that building, we’re replacing a very old barn that needed to come down. We will have a better idea of what animals will be living in that area closer to the date of completion, and you will find that info on the “New @ The Zoo” section of our website.

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Jillian NorrisWatching them go after that meat is both terrifying and adorable! Thanks for taking such great care of all the animals at the Houston zoo! Love these videos.

23 hours ago   ·  1

R.w. IsaacsonMy kids love watching the big cats feed.

23 hours ago

Molly EdingtonThis is so cool! We love The Houston Zoo! What time does this take place?

20 hours ago

Kara AbramsThe Houston Zoo is the best! 🐯

21 hours ago

Alberto CamachoMy favorite feline!!

15 hours ago   ·  1

Sheila Moore BurtAnd I thought getting a hair in my food was bad. Never had to deal with a feather! :)

18 hours ago

Amanda SmithMy daughter wanted to tell you guys that she thinks this is awesome! 😊👍

21 hours ago

Denise OglesbyThank you, for keeping them safe and giving back a piece of their natural lives.

12 hours ago

Maggie Hinson WagnerVery cool.

19 hours ago

Patsy StanfieldLoved the feathers

20 hours ago

Ashlie Gries KinslerYou guys are so creative. Love this!

11 hours ago

Carlos ASmira Angie Chantes ya para que lo disfrute

23 hours ago

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