Bug House Now Open

The Bug House is open! Excuse our excitement, but this is a bug big deal!

Our Bug House is a brand new exhibit that is solely dedicated to showcasing bugs and why they are so important to our ecosystem.

Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the colorful beetles, centipedes, millipedes, stick insects, giant katydids, tarantulas, domino roaches, grasshoppers, leaf cutter ants, and even scorpions.
Hercules Beetle-0001-3009

Insects and spiders are the most numerous and arguably the most diverse of all animals on our planet. There are more than a million species of insects and spiders, representing more than half of all known living organisms. Insects perform vital roles in the ecosystems they inhabit, such as decomposition (clean up), food production, silk production, and as a food source for other animals. In addition, pollinating insects are important for plant reproduction and crop production. Spiders prey on insects and help to control the populations of pest insects that have the potential to create widespread destruction of crops.

We can’t wait to show you these amazing creatures! Stop by this permanent exhibit on your next trip to the Zoo!

Check out some amazing bug facts below.

Bugs by the Numbers

  • There are 1.5 billion insects for every human.
  • Nearly a quarter of all living multi-cellular organisms are beetles.
  • Ants can lift and carry more than 50 times their own weight.
  • Dragonflies can fly 50-60 mph.
  • A cockroach can live for nine days without its head.
  • The strongest animal in the world is the rhinoceros beetle. It can lift 850 times its own weight.
  • The world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans 10 to 1.
  • There are about as many species of just ants as there are of all species of birds combined (about 8,800).
  • Honeybees need to travel an average of 43,000 miles to collect enough nectar to make a pound of honey.
  • The mantis is the only animal that can turn its head 360 degrees.

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  1. My name is Audrey and I’m 8. I’m very fascinated with insects. I like your website.I think you should keep it up because I learn a lot from it. It has interesting facts.

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The Zoo will be closed during the day on Thanksgiving to be with our families.
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