Valentines Day Candy

How is this related to Wildlife Conservation – really? Yes, there is a method and message, to our madness…

Palm Oil and The Great Chocolate Debate. It can help save the lives of Orangutans and many other species living on Borneo and Sumatra. Palm oil is a form of edible vegetable oil produced from the African oil plam tree (Elaeis guineensis) which has been planted on plantations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, home to some of the world’s most endangered wildlife. These plantations replace tropical rainforest acreage in staggering numbers.

Rainforest? No. Palm Oil Plantation? Yes.

What we are asking you to do is to be a responsible consumer and purchase products from companies which either do not use palm oil or are part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm oil. You can do that by taking a quick look at this Orangutan Friendly Palm Oil Valentine Guide.

To learn more about the issues facing wildlife and palm oil just link here.

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Houston Zoo Facebook Page

That moment when the kids kick the ball in the pool... ... See MoreSee Less


That moment when the kids kick the ball in the pool...

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Was just there. Second time back this week. Their so funny.

Love the Elephants at the Houston Zoo.


Was this the kids from Bellville ISD ?

Is the new elephant enclosure open now?

so cute!

i love these beautiful elephants

Love those sweeties

True, zoo needs to sell pictures!!

Just big kids

Had lots fun their with the kis

I love the Houston Zoo!

Jessica Gomez

Kathryn Wilcox Scout Heintschel :3

Jessica Cheng

Grey Matejka

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Houston Zoo was live.
Houston Zoo

We are live at the Zoo, talking to some of the wildlife heroes who will be speaking at our Saving Wildlife Expo on Saturday! ... See MoreSee Less


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I love the zoo...have been a member for over 10 years but if the lack of parking and traffic jam around the zoo is ridiculous. Please find a solution or loose a member. It's not fair that those supporting the zoo have to deal with that.

Will be coming from Joplin, grew up in Houston and the zoo was our favorite place to go.

Did you know: theirs approximately 3,000 tigers left in the wild😞


Hello zoo folks!!

Follow @thrillaandvanilla

Hi everyone

Love the Houston Zoo

i love the houston zoo

Watching in 59N parker. Good



Cannot wait to visit Orange.

Coming in June...

Looking good Nikki!! Love you girlfriend!



Animals are awesome 👏 at the zoo


Hi everyone

I wanna go!! It's such a pretty day!

Steven Ramsey, you should go.

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