Monarch Mania!

monarch2Every fall thousands and thousands of amazingly beautiful winged invertebrates cross our massive state on their migration from Canada to Central Mexico. Some fly as far as 3,000 miles!

Monarchs- like some some birds and mammals travel far south in the fall to reach warmer climates with abundant food. Most come from Canada and the northern U.S. Somehow they find thier way to fir forests that grow high in the mountains of Central Mexico. Over winter, they roost together in large numbers among the branches. In the spring, they return to Texas and the southern U.S. lay eggs on milkweeds and die. The young then hatch and mature into adults butterflies, which continue northward. By September and October, great-grandchildren (and sometimes great-great-grandchildren of the monarchs that migrated the previous fall arrive back in Canada and the northern U.S. Then the cycle begins again!

Did you know?

  • The monarch is Texas’ state insect!
  • Adult monarchs that hatch in the fall can live op to eight months. Adults that hatch in the spring and summer live only four to six weeks.
  • A butterfly drinks through its straw-like mouth (probiscsis) but tastes with its feet!

Fun Fact: Scientists who study butterflies and moths are called lepidopterists.

Monitor Monarch Butterflies through the Texas Nature Trackers program!



Taken from article “Mysterious Monarchs”, Keep Texas Wild, Vol 2, Issue 2, October 2009
Photo courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Here's another look at Pumpkin! He's a 31-year-old, Bornean orangutan that recently made his public debut in the orangutan habitat at the Houston Zoo after moving to the Bayou City from Jackson, Mississippi late last year. ... See MoreSee Less


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If he came from the zoo I went to in Jackson MS. He will be much happier. That zoo I went to needs to be shut down. It was horrible. I don't particularly like Zoo's but when they are helping animals I am all for it.

I'm so happy to see Pumpkin. He looks so happy and also looks like he loves the glass on his enclosure. Please keep posting updates! 💙💙💙💙💙 from Mississippi

Sofia Siegel and Josh-for my bday next week please take me to visit Pumpkin!!

Cinthya Bazan Rios show Damian please! Although I'm almost sure he's seen it LOL

Would it be weird if I went to the zoo and just sat and watched the Orangutans all day?

Pumpkin seems to be very social. He comes up to the glass to say "hi" to the little guests. We loved meeting him!

Kaleb Johnson Taylor Johnson we will have to go see him, he moved here from Jackson

Watch your kids! So he can live a long full Happy as can be captive life <3 He is beautiful

Well ain't you so handsome, Mr. Pumpkin. 31 and looking good.

He was very interested in dipping dots

I have not seen him outside either. I heard he is usually out in the mornings



He was so sweet!

My nephew absolutely loved Pumpkin!

Pumpkin is precious😘

Kevin Smith we must go visit pumpkin !

Zerin Ch... Let's go!

I keep missing him!!!

😄😄 Bet he wished he could go inside with pumpkin❤

Hi pumpkin

A very handsome guy!

Lee Cade even this monkey got the hell out of Jackson

Sofia Slomba you remember this big guy?? 🙂 you LOVED him! 😂❤️

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