Conservation All the Way from Central America

The Houston Zoo is saving wildlife around the world.  We collaborate with people working in the wild to protect the counterparts of the animals we have at the Houston Zoo.  We have great admiration for our sharks, rays and turtles that live in our aquarium and we are passionate  about keeping these species safe in the wild.  To that end, we provide funds and enhancement for a conservation organization in Central America called the Mar Alliance.  They are committed to ensuring the protection of marine animals through research, education and conservation efforts.


Last year our Zoo staff provided photo cataloging training and fundraising and planning guidance to enhance the Mar Alliance conservation efforts.  This year Mar Alliance expressed a need for clearer and more effective marine conservation messaging through video.  The marine wildlife conservation community struggles with connecting public to their protection efforts.  Effective video is critical to inspire conservation action and support for ocean health. Our Houston Zoo videographer has a lot of experience with effective wildlife saving messaging so he assisted Mar Alliance with a manual and offered his expertise for a workshop in Belize for marine conservation organizations in the area.


Conservationists from Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Mexico attended and gained a deeper understanding of effective shooting, storytelling and editing techniques.   Participants were from marine wildlife research, law enforcement, environmental education, community capacity building and rehabilitation.


The workshop started with a full day of classroom work on day 1 and day 2 consisted of a field trip to Shark and Ray alley and other amazing snorkeling sights in Belize to collect footage.   Over the following 2 days they applied their newly acquired skills and worked with the Zoo’s videographer to create short, quality conservation videos.


This workshop empowered and strengthened people from 9 different conservation organizations in Central America.  It provided new connections and built networks to enhance future marine conservation efforts.  The Houston Zoo believes that long-term conservation is a collective task and is proud to partner with conservation organizations like Mar Alliance who strive to encourage collaboration within the wildlife conservation community.


Every time you come and visit our sharks, rays and turtles at the Zoo you help us support saving their counterparts in the wild.  A portion of your admission or membership goes to wildlife saving efforts like these, so thank you Houston!

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  1. Are the Houston Zoo personnel in Belize aware of the Norweigen Cruise line building a dock in the same area where the Manatees graze with their young?

  2. Why didn’t the Norweigen Cruise line pick an environmentally responsible location for their dock? My husband and I were in Belize the end of January this year (we flew in) and our snorkel guides were aware of this too. They feel helpless to stop it. As an individual I feel helpless. It’s probably too late to write a letter of protest to the cruise line. Lydia

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A few lucky sea turtles are getting a second chance in the wild thanks to great teamwork and an awesome partnership between NOAA and the Houston Zoo! Check out these pictures from a hook removal procedure yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less


A few lucky sea turtles are getting a second chance in the wild thanks to great teamwork and an awesome partnership between NOAA and the Houston Zoo! Check out these pictures from a hook removal procedure yesterday.

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Excellent job taking care of our animals we all like to fish just remember that we do have wild life out there that is horrible that poor baby thank you all for taking it out looks very painful..... The Houston zoo is the most awesomeness zoo and I've been to a few of them.. You guys are awesome thank you..

That is awesome. Thank you to both organizations doing greater good for sea life. Much needed procedure for the poor injured turtle. I hope it can recover back to normal. 💚

A big round of applause for the Houston Zoo (and another reason to love that city!!)

good job

Poor turtle...glad that the hook was able to come out.

Ferd Sondern. Actually Zoo's save lives...! Lottie ELizabeth Hotaling.

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