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Animals Assembled: A Safari Built with LEGO® Bricks


Thanks to all who attended Animals Assembled, A Safari Built with LEGO Bricks, Presented by Fiesta. This exhibit has now headed out of town, brick by brick. We hope to see you back at the Zoo soon!

The Houston Zoo featured new animals this past summer!

Like the ones you’re used to here at the Houston Zoo, these animals are colorful and fun to observe, but these are also distinctly different. These animals don’t require any food or any clean-up. How is this possible? The new animals are made entirely of LEGO bricks!

Constructed by LEGO Certified Master Builders, each animal in this special limited-time exhibit is life-size and made up of thousands of LEGO bricks.

There are more than two dozen LEGO brick animal sculptures, representing more than ten species. Once you’ve seen the LEGO brick animals, make sure to check out their real-life counterparts throughout the Zoo.

Animals Assembled will only be at the Houston Zoo through Labor Day, so make your plans to visit often this summer and see it before it leaves.

This event is included with your paid Zoo admission and is free for zoo members.

Animals Assembled Fun Facts

Here are a few interesting facts about the LEGO animals you will see at the Zoo this summer!

  • The zebra sculpture wins the prize for the most LEGO bricks used…37,000, to be exact!
  • The heaviest sculpture you will see is the gorilla mom and baby, which weighs in at 250 pounds.
  • The tiger sculpture took a whopping 300 hours to build! Now that’s dedication.

LEGO Brick Animals You’ll See:

  • Tiger, generously supported by the Houston Dynamo
  • Chilean flamingos, generously supported by Fox and Monica Benton
  • Gorilla mother and child
  • Adult and baby penguins, generously supported by TXU Energy
  • Coral Reef and schools of fish in an aquarium
  • Baby giraffe, generously supported by Tam International
  • Four red-ruffed lemurs
  • Two baby white rhinoceros, generously supported by Chevron
  • Zebra
  • Hornbills, generously supported by Fiesta
  • Oversized Kihansi spray toads under a magnifying glass

Have Some Fun: Create Your Own Animals!

Love to build your own creations? Check out this awesome tool for making your own special animals called the LEGO Digital Designer. That’s how we made the logo you see in the video on this page!

Try out the Lego Digital Designer

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Animals Assembled: A Safari Built With LEGO Bricks has been created and produced by the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo.