Fun at the Texas Amphibian Watch Workshop at the Houston Zoo

Texas Toad

 Amphibians are small but mighty.  They have been called the birds of night, which anyone that has been outside by a pond at night can understand.  Their vocalizations often fill the night air.  Frogs and toads work diligantly to keep insects in check and are vital to the survival of many other species. But besides that these little creatures are full of character, they come in many shapes, colors and sizes.  Their distinct calls allow us to connect with them without even seeing them.

Coastal Plains Toad

Last Friday,  the Houston zoo hosted a Texas Amphibian Watch family workshop.  It was designed to help familiarize  participants with local amphibians.   Fun was had by all!  During a lesson on frog calls the Zoo’s auditorium was filled with beautiful froggy singing voices as all of the participants mimiced frog vocalizations in an effort to thouroughly learn them. Everyone got to hike through the wilds of Herman park to listen and watch for our slippery little friends.

Woodhouse Toad


This program offered everyone the opportunity to help conserve amphibians in Texas by learning how to collect information about local frogs and toads for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.   Participants were very excited to become scientists in their own back yard!

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Get ready for some cuteness overload! Check out our new video starring baby Antonio! This little Baird's tapir was born Saturday, Feb. 4. He'll have his colorful pattern of stripes and spots for a while until they slowly disappear as he grows older.

The Baird’s tapirs at the Houston Zoo are ambassadors for their wild counterparts in South America. The Houston Zoo supports the protection of this endangered species in Central America as well as the Lowland tapir in Brazil through a partnership with the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group to support field research in Brazil’s Pantanal region.
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