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2014 Fall Zoo Crew Application

Participating in Fall Zoo Crew is a serious commitment and acceptance into the program is very competitive. Please be sure you have read and understand what is required of Zoo Crew volunteers before submitting your completed application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for positions with the Zoo.

General Information





Zip Code*

E-mail Address*

Home Telephone Number*

Cell Phone Number*

Birthday (mm/dd/yy)*

Age on September 6, 2014*

Current School*

Current Grade Level*

Are you multilingual?
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If Yes, what languages do you speak?

How did you hear about Fall Zoo Crew? (Please select all that apply)
 Former Zoo Crew Zoo Website Parent Friend Houston Zoo's Teen Career Conference School Advisor/Career Counselor Other

If Other, please explain:

Have you ever been a participant in Camp Zoofari at the Houston Zoo?
 Yes No

If Yes, for how many years?

Have you ever been a participant in Summer or Fall Zoo Crew?
 Yes No

If Yes, for how many years?


I am available to volunteer from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the following Saturdays:

 September 6 November 8 December 6

Choose at least one:
 October 11 October 18 October 25

Personal Information

(Please answer the following questions as completely as possible)

Why are you interested in becoming a member of Fall Zoo Crew?

Do you have any previous volunteer or work experience? If so, where did you volunteer or work and what were your responsibilities?

What previous experience do you have working with children?

What do you hope to learn and/or what skills do you hope to develop by joining Fall Zoo Crew?

Describe the relationship between conservation and education and why you feel this is important.

Letters of Recommendation

If you are selected for an interview, you will be required to present two letters of recommendation written for you by a teacher, school counselor, employer or other adult authority figure at the time of your interview. DO NOT have a relative write you a letter of recommendation. Each letter of recommendation needs to be brought in a sealed envelope with your name clearly written on the front. Remember to thank your reference for their help!

Parent/Guardian and Application Acknowledgement:

I certify that my parent(s)/guardian(s) and I have read and understand the Zoo Crew Description and Requirements. I certify that the statements made in this volunteer application are true and correct and have been given voluntarily. I authorize verification of all information contained in this application and understand that references may be requested by the Volunteer Office. If the information provided in this document is found to be untruthful, I understand that I will be released from the volunteer program. I understand that I will not be paid for my services as a volunteer and that filling out an application for the program does not guarantee acceptance into a volunteer position.
If you agree, please type "Yes" in the field below.*

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